Thursday, December 17, 2009

Will it ever end?

Every time I get to the point that I think society can sink no lower, someone takes up the challenge. Witness the following:

It was designed to provoke conversation with non-believers.

However, a risqu̩ poster depicting the Virgin Mary lying in bed with Joseph Рsuggesting they have just had sex - has sparked outrage with Catholics.

The billboard shows Mary with a disappointed look on her face, with a caption underneath stating: ‘Poor Joseph - God was a hard act to follow.’

The huge poster, referencing Mary's virgin birth of Jesus, has been placed in the centre of Auckland, New Zealand.

It was designed to catch the eye of non-believers, according to the St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican church.

Protesters have now painted over the faces of Mary and Joesph in outrage.

But the vicar of the St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican church, Archdeacon Glynn Cardy, was unrepentant.

He pointed out that his form of progressive Christianity is distinctive and 'is one of robust engagement’.


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