Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs of the times

Long time... no post. I've been weaning myself of the delusion that the thoughts that go through my head are worthy of notice, but this exercise is mainly for me as I try to knit a few things together. As is the case today when reading two stories that struck me for different reasons.

In one corner we have the story of the Northwestern University prof who decided he could best advance his students education by having a couple (not married, but at least affianced) engage in a live demonstration of the use of sex toys. (story here) Tuition at NU is over $40,000 per year. There are men who, although lacking the academic background of the esteemed professor, could provide the students with a more in depth and hands on experience for considerably less. They are known as pimps.

Meanwhile, out west, the #3 ranked Brigham Young University men's basketball team suffered a loss to New Mexico. Apparently the BYU team was hampered in part due to the loss of 6-foot-9 forward Brandon Davies who was booted off BYU's team for breaking the school's honor code. Davies' offense? He was dismissed from the team Tuesday for having premarital sex, according to reports in the Salt Lake Tribune. (story here)

The disconnect between these stories is remarkable. It is also remarkable for me to consider which university is going to come under the greater fire.